About Us

About Pc New Horizons – Ed & Ana Rossal

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our company, PC New Horizons, located in Mount Vernon, WA. We would like to share a little about ourselves so you may learn who we are and why you can trust us to provide thorough and efficient services for your computer and networks.

Our goal is to provide world-class customer service, the highest level of technical services, fastest turnaround time, and affordable prices. As one of our main goals to build a solid foundation, to create long term business relations ships, to exceed clients expectations in everything we do. We truly want to be different and better in serving our customers than the competition. As our company continues to grow we want to thank and give back to our community by creating jobs and hiring local individuals. Once again thank you in advance for the opportunity in allowing PC New Horizons to be the solution for your technical challenges.

Who are we?

Ana and I, Ed Rossal, are the proud business owners of a professional, computer repair business located in the heart of Mount Vernon, Washington—here in Skagit County. Our operations are conducted from our home office in order to provide our customers with more personal and professional services. Pc New Horizons represents a new beginning for everyone including ourselves. When you engage Pc New Horizons, you become our number one priority. We will strive to provide the best quality, professional services and products possible for you nothing else matters to us.

Ed Rossal

Ed Rossal

About Ed Rossal

» Italian School in Guatemala City
» Anacortes High School
» Skagit Valley College CIS

Experience & Skills

» Bilingual – English/Spanish
» Management
» Supervising
» Networking
» Troubleshooting
» Marketing
» Sales
» Consultant
» Planning
» Computer Building
» Customer Service
» Windows, Linux & Mac OS
» Call Centers
» Help Desk» Webhosting Experience
» Basic Web Designing» Clinical
» Designing
» Banking
» Billing
» Hardware/Software
» Lan/Wan Experience
» Remote Desktop
» Wireless Systems
» Mobile


Ana Rossal

About Ana Rossal

» Italian School in Guatemala (90-92)
» Skagit Valley College (04-06) ECE

Experience & Skills
» Bilingual – English/Spanish
» Customer Service
» Supervising
» Billing
» Clerical
» Basic Trouble Shooting
» Sales

The Past

Our company was founded on a dream that we could provide ethical, respectful and professional services and products. After attaining our educational, professional, and technical experiences, Ana and I seriously started to construct our blueprint for Pc New Horizons which had already existed in theory prior to leaving our jobs. Then, once we decided to become entrepreneurs and to employ ourselves, Pc New Horizons officially started down the road to become what it is today.

The Present

Currently, Pc New Horizons provides computer repair services to home users, business customers, and anyone out there who needs help keeping their computers and computer networks in top condition. In addition to developing strong relationships with our clients, services can be provided online remotely, at their residences, places of business, or at our home-based shop. Additionally, our sons began showing an interest in the computer repair details, and under our instruction, they are learning about both the technical and service challenges, as well. Sometimes they go with us on field repairs and then we get to introduce them to our customers.

The Future

Our dream for PC New Horizons is to continue to grow and support all our loyal and future customers alike. We also are improving our environmental concerns—which in our industry is attention being given to how waste products and packaging are handled. Our sons are part of that dream and so are our future employees, as well. We wish to grow and have a Pc New Horizons service center in every town, to provide professional services, the best customer care, affordable prices, and the fastest turnaround time humanly possible. Help us help you and become a part of our dream—make referrals and be a part of our future.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We guarantee you will always be satisfied with our services. Remember, by giving us a chance, you help determine the future of this company. Let us prove to you what we have proven to others.


Pc New Horizons – Professional Computer Solutions
Owners: Ed & Ana Rossal
Website: www.pcnewhorizons.com
E-Mail: ed@pcnewhorizons.com
E-Mail: ana@pcnewhorizons.com
Office #: (360) 540-0779
Cell #: (360) 540-4196